Biomaster Antimicrobial Additive technology offers protection against the dangers you can’t see. Easily incorporated into any plastic, textile, paper, paint or coating, it becomes an integral part of the manufacturing process and finished product.



Biomaster and Bacteria

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It was recently shown that harmful bacteria can grow in bags for up to 20 weeks. This means it is important that you make sure your lunch bag is clean as it can only take a small amount of bacteria to make you ill.

Biomaster in your lunch bag means that surface of the bag is given extra protection and will reduce the ability of bacteria to grow on the surface.


In addition to good hygiene, different technologies are also available that can help stop bacteria from growing. Biomaster is one of those technologies. Using silvers ability to stop bacteria from growing it can be added to different products making the surface antibacterial.

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The best way to look after ourselves is to always wash our hands, especially after going to the toilet and before eating. Keep the areas in which we live, including home and school clean and always ensure food is prepared properly.

If you do get ill then antibiotics will help fight the infection.


Although most bacteria aren’t dangerous some are and can make us sick. Bacteria that make us ill are called pathogens and can cause illness in animals and plants.

What are bacteria?2018-08-28T13:52:41+01:00

Bacteria are tiny little organisms that are everywhere around us. You can’t see them without using a microscope but they are in air, on our skin, in our bodies and all around us.



William Gladstone C of E

“Dear Mr Tonge, We are writing to you, to say thank you for the lunch bags that you gave to our school. I really liked that when we received the gift they were really delighted. It was very kind of you to send our school them. My design was a netball say “I love netball”. Our school did out standing, creative designs. I found that you can use the bag not only for lunch but for more things like: make-up, P.E, clothes, hair accessories and more things. Yours sincerely”

. . . Pupils of William Gladstone Church of England Academy.

Haydn Mitton

“We are grateful to Kids Ink™. Who asked the children to design their own personalised lunch bags. The children set about the task with gusto and alongside their designs, the company printed each pupils’ name and class too. As an added benefit, the lunch bags have a bio-master lining which is designed to kill most harmful bugs. As Design Technology is an essential part of our curriculum, giving our pupils the chance to create meaningful items with specific purposes is important.”

. . . Headteacher at William Gladstone Church of England Academy.

William Gladstone C of E

“Dear Mr Tonge, We are writing to say thank you for the phenomenal lunch bags you distributed to our school. I really liked that when everyone received their gifts, they were all really sensational about their new lunch bag. Also it was really nice seeing everyone using their lunch bags so frequently. My lunch bag design was… a multicoloured, sparkly, fluffy unicorn! It was really creative and some of the other lunch bags ere extremely inspired. You can also use them for things like: makeup, P.E, clothes, lunch, shoes, hair accessories, etc. Yours sincerely”

. . . Pupils of William Gladstone Church of England Academy.

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