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Kids Ink™ is enabling children across the country to create sustainable lunch bags. Our web to print platform and digital print capability allows kids to easily design their own personalised bag. The bags are also lined with inbuilt Biomaster antimicrobial protection which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria to grow on surfaces. This means that the lunch bags can be reused time and time again.

The purpose of Kids Ink™ is to teach children to be environmentally friendly but in a fun, creative and interactive way. With Kids Ink™ it helps enhances children’s understanding, knowledge and retention, as it is a proven fact that kids learn best when actively engaged, therefore making Kids Ink™ the perfect educational tool.



Kids Ink™ fits into the curriculum through

Kids Ink ™ Personal Development

Personal development

Recycling, sustainability are a current topic that’s really important to educate children, Kids Ink™ enables teachers to teach this in a fun and interactive away. Schools have even incorporated the bags with topic of heathy eating, one school labelled them the “bags of wellness” encouraging children to draw healthy food they could have in their lunch.

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Kids Ink ™ Art Projects

Art Projects

These bags are completely personalised, allowing children to be creative and express who they are. These bags help children to create art with a purpose, enabling them to show off their artwork wherever they go, and having a vehicle to show off their art while enjoying a healthy lunch.

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Kids Ink ™ Design & Technology

Design and technology

Kids Ink™ combines design and technology together, giving the teacher a fun and easy platform to create interactive lessons.

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Biomaster Antimicrobial Additive technology offers protection against the dangers you can’t see. Easily incorporated into any plastic, textile, paper, paint or coating, it becomes an integral part of the manufacturing process and finished product.




William Gladstone C of E

“We are grateful to Kids Ink™. Who asked the children to design their own personalised lunch bags. The children set about the task with gusto and alongside their designs, the company printed each pupils’ name and class too. As an added benefit, the lunch bags have a bio-master lining which is designed to kill most harmful bugs. As Design Technology is an essential part of our curriculum, giving our pupils the chance to create meaningful items with specific purposes is important.”

. . . Haydn Mitton, Headteacher at William Gladstone Church of England Academy.


Ormiston South Parade

“The pupils really enjoyed the trip and are rather inspired to create a design project of their own!

Such an inspiring company, even myself and my TA thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!”

…Charlotte Carter, Ormiston South Parade.

William Gladstone C of E

“Dear Mr Tonge, We are writing to you, to say thank you for the lunch bags that you gave to our school. I really liked that when we received the gift they were really delighted. It was very kind of you to send our school them. My design was a netball say “I love netball”. Our school did out standing, creative designs. I found that you can use the bag not only for lunch but for more things like: make-up, P.E, clothes, hair accessories and more things. Yours sincerely”

. . . Pupils of William Gladstone Church of England Academy.

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